The German Job Seeker Visa: How It Works

Officially Europe is in desperate need of workers, and this need cannot be met locally. There is shortage of workers in virtually all major European countries, including Germany and the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom had in pursuant of this challenge designed two special kinds of work visas to attract foreign workers. These visas are called health & care worker visa and skilled worker visa. Other visas have also been designed with related benefits to foreign workers and investors.

The relative success of this approach has since spored interests in other European countries. Germany is one of such countries which is now crossing all the “T” and doting all the “I” to get their own share of the foreign workers they require to help shore up the local shortage of work force.

The job seeker visa is one of such approach the German government have introduced in this direction. The visa category is designed to give foreign workers the opportunity to visit Germany to find job, then settle in the country based on the job.

However, this opportunity is not for everyone, and there are requirements and conditions that must be fulfilled before anyone can get the visa. This is what we are going to discuss in this article.

What is the Job Seeker Visa (JSV)?

As already hinted, the German job seeker visa is a category of visa offered to foreign workers who live outside Germany but wish to work in Germany. The JSV allows these foreign workers to travel to Germany to look for job and then apply for the job while on German soil.

The JSV allows you to stay in Germany for the purpose of searching for a job only, and the duration of your stay cannot be more than 6 months. There is no possibility of extending your stay, even if you do not get a job within the 6 months period.

What is the Cost of the Visa?

The cost of the JSV is about €75. That is the visa fee, but this amount could change without notice, as some other fees are changing rapidly. Note also that this fee will not be returned to you if you fail the interview and unable to get the visa.

Can I work in Germany with JSV?

The straight answer is both Yes and No. Officially you are not allowed to work while in Germany by virtue of this visa category, until you officially declare you have gotten a job. Then you will be given the permission to work.

To work in Germany officially you need “work permit”. The moment you succeed in finding a job while on the JSV, you are expected to immediately apply for resident permit, which comes with work permit.

You are not required to return home to your country for the purpose of applying for a work visa to come and take up the job. You can do this right away while still in Germany and continue your life there. That is effectively converting the JSV to resident permit.

Do I Need the JSV to Find Job in Germany?

The short answer could be Yes or No, but it depends on some factors, including your personal circumstances. First, there is the issue of nationality and citizenship. Citizens of certain countries can enter Germany without visa. Therefore, the JSV will also not be required by them. However, there is no African country on the list.

Secondly, you could stay back in your country and continue to search online for jobs in Germany. This is very possible as some German employers also advertise jobs online. However, been on the ground gives you the advantages you may not get online, including jobs that are not advertised online.

JSV Eligibility

Eligibility for the German job seeker visa includes the following:

  • Age Requirement
    You must be an adult of 18years minimum.
  • Academic Qualification
    You must have a minimum of first degree from the university, whether German or foreign university.
  • Work Experience
    You must have a minimum of 5 years of work experience.
  • Financial Capacity
    You provide compellable evidence that you have the financial capacity to provide for yourself during the duration of your 6 months stay in case you are unable to secure a job within this period.
  • JSV Application & Requirements
    Even when you meet the eligibility for the Germany job seeker visa, you must still formerly submit your application for the visa. This is done at the German embassy in your home country. To do this, you must also provide all the relevant requirements and supporting documents that goes with the application.These includes:
  • International Passport
    You will need your valid international passport.
  • Passport Photos
    You will need three identical passport photos that complies with the requisite specifications.
  • Accommodation
    You will need to show evidence of accommodation in Germany during the 6 months allowed stay.
    This can be met through 2 major ways:Hotel reservations

    Evidence that someone hosting you in Germany. This could be a friend or family member. The person must provide a copy of his/her passport and a letter of invitation as proof of this sponsorship.

  • Health Insurance
    You will need to show evidence of health insurance that sufficiently covers you during your stay.
  • Financial Capacity
    You will need to show evidence of your financial capacity to provide for your needs throughout your stay. Note this can be met through 3 ways:
    – Your personal bank statement locally in your home country
    – Block bank account, which is a bank you can open in Germany and put away some cash which you will use when you arrive in Germany. You are allowed to open this account right from your home country.
    – A declaration/letter of commitment from someone the embassy would trust to cover your expenses during your stay.
  • CV
    You will need to show your resume (or CV), which must contain your education and employment history.  This must show your fitness for the job you are going to seek for in Germany.
  • Family Ties
    Evidence of family ties where applicable. That is if you are married in your home country. This will naturally include marriage certificate, family pictures, personal birth, wife, and children.
  • Cover Letter
    This must explain your exact purpose for applying for the JSV, how long you plan to stay in Germany as well as your further career plans.
  • German Language
    You may also add evidence of your knowledge of German language if you have it. However, ability to speak German language is not mandatory. Note that in some cases, the embassy may seek for additional documents from visa applicant. This includes applicants for the JSV.Do not forget to reach out to us when in need of professional assistance.

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