A New Provincial Pathway to Canada Through 8 Months Program and Guaranteed Government Job Placement

Long before most of these western countries woke up to the benefits of immigration a country like Canada have been on the forefront, attracting talents from all over the world. Canada is very friendly and welcoming to foreigners and was at some point described as one of the happiest places live and work.

There is a government sponsored opportunity to relocate to Canada through the study and work route currently running, which we want to briefly look at in this article. The opportunity is state backed, given it the element of guarantee and every assurance. It stands out in a way that not only makes it genuine, but also worth your time and full consideration.

The idea of relocating abroad is currently a very popular one in Africa and the 3rd world countries generally. On the other hand, the rich western countries are also desirous of attracting workers from Africa and around the world. These rich western countries are currently in great competition on who gets more of these workers from abroad.

Canada have shown leadership in this great competition and have benefited a lot from it. One major sector that Canada, as well as other western countries want foreign workers is the health sector. They want doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, and caregivers generally.

Different governmental units in Canada both at national and state levels have different programs for attracting foreign workers. One of these programs is the study, work and settle route, which allows foreigners to acquire permanent residency in Canada.

In this briefing we would like to introduce a permanent residency route through a course called called International Personal Care Attendant (IPCA). This program is sponsored by the government of Newfound Land-Canada. Now, we will break the briefing into the following headings:

  1. What is the International Personal Care Attendant (IPCA)?
  2. What are the requirements for the IPCA?
  3. How does the IPCA work?
  4. What is the cost and how long is the program?

So, basically, we will be briefing you on all that matters about the program, and by the end of this episode you will have every detail that help you decide if this program is for you, and if it is an option you want to consider for relocating to Canada.

Now, let’s look at each of those heading more closely. So that you can properly do your cost benefit analysis to see if the option is for you.


The IPCA is a Healthcare assistant course run by a Canadian college called KEYIN college at St. John campus in Newfound Land, Canada. The course is designed to train students for a career in healthcare support services. The course is approved by the government of Canada.

Particularly, the content of this course has been assessed and approved by the relevant government agency called the Eastern Health. This is the medical authority in Newfound land, Canada).

Later down the line in this briefing, we will tell you more about Newfound Land, which is one of the provinces in Canada. But for now, let’s discuss more about the course.

Upon completion of this course, you will get a job offer directly from government to work in the same capacity as a healthcare worker in Canada. This job offer will come from the Eastern health, which as I said earlier is the medical authority in Newfound land, Canada.

According to available information, which I have seen, the job offer is automatic upon successful completion of the course. It is a sort of a guaranteed government job placement, which follows your graduation, irrespective of nationality, race, or sex.

Following the job offer, you will subsequently become elegible to apply for the Canadian work permit and eventually qualify for the permanent residency in Canada, all things been equal. Note that the job pay rate currently is 22 Dollars per hour for this job in Canada according to available information. This is more than 100% above the mandatory minimum wage at $10.25/hr in Canada.

Importantly, you will also be eligible to bring your entire family to Canada, under the work permit category. So, it is a full package that gets you trained for a job, get you job offer, work permit and eventually permanent residence, in addition to fully relocating with your wife or husband, whichever one is your case, and your children if you have them already.


Now, notwithstanding all the opportunities and promises of the program, it does not have any exceptional requirements. As expected, eligibility criteria ordinarily include background in medical stream in schools, which could be university or college.

However, that is all. You can still have a place in the program even if you do not have the above requirement. So, for people without medical background but having job experience in medical field, you can also be eligible for this program.

In my understanding and assessment, the same auxiliary nursing program in Nigeria or any practical job experience in the healthcare field can qualify you for this program. 


As I have already explained, the IPCA is a full package that takes you from the classroom to a waiting job that comes with Canadian PR, that is permanent residence. The first step is to apply for the program. When you get accepted, then you begin your studies.

Note that the program, comes with the option of studying online or in-person in Canada. To study in-person in Canada, you will need a Canadian student visa, which is entirely a different process from the coverage of this article.

Upon completion of the program, you will get the job offer from the Eastern Health medical authority in Newfoundland. Now, like we promised earlier, Newfoundland is the easternmost province in Canada, and is one of the four Atlantic Provinces. The province is comprised of the island of Newfoundland, as well as Labrador, which is situated on the mainland, bordering Quebec.

Under Canadian Law, all provinces and territories must provide universal, publicly funded health care to all citizens and legal residents of Canada. This is exactly the case in Newfoundland where healthcare is expected be free too.

In other words, most basic health services in the province are offered at no direct cost to the patient. There is also affordable housing in the province. According to information available on government website, residents of the prince can live a comfortable lifestyle with a high standard of living.

So, going further, if you completed the program online from outside Canada, may be from your home country, then with the job offer from the Eastern Health government agency you will become eligible to receive entry clearance from the Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country. After that, you become Subsequently, you can settle in Canada with your family.


First, note that the IPCA program is for only 8 months. So, the course duration less than a year. And I already said you can choose to do this online from your home country or in-person on campus in Canada.

The cost of the program is 17000 Canadian Dollars CAD, and it comes with a guaranteed government job placement. You can get more details that I have not covered here from our in-country partners who can hold your hand all the way to guide you through the whole process.

Now, if you have questions or enquiries regarding this opportunity, please them on the comment section down below. We will be happy to respond as promptly as I can.

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