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UK Makes New Changes in Immigration Rules

The UK government has recently introduced a five-point strategy aimed at reducing immigration, featuring significant measures such as prohibiting care workers from bringing their families and elevating the minimum salary for skilled worker visas. In the three weeks since assuming the position of home secretary, James Cleverly has faced increasing pressure to demonstrate a firm […]

FAQs About Changes to the UK Student Visa Route Starting January 2024

The UK Government recently introduced amendments to the Immigration Rules impacting international students in the UK. Starting from January 2024, international students, except those enrolled in postgraduate research programs, won’t be allowed to bring dependants on their Student visa. Additionally, as of July 17, international students can no longer switch to work route visas unless […]

A New Provincial Pathway to Canada Through 8 Months Program and Guaranteed Government Job Placement

Long before most of these western countries woke up to the benefits of immigration a country like Canada have been on the forefront, attracting talents from all over the world. Canada is very friendly and welcoming to foreigners and was at some point described as one of the happiest places live and work. There is […]

Breakdown of Germany’s 2023 Skilled Immigration Act I All You Need to Know

For a while now my briefings have been about relocation opportunities in Germany and that is for very good reasons, most of which is that this Europe’s biggest economy seriously means business about opening her doors to immigrants from around the world who wish to relocate to live and work in Germany. In furtherance to […]

The German Job Seeker Visa: How It Works

Officially Europe is in desperate need of workers, and this need cannot be met locally. There is shortage of workers in virtually all major European countries, including Germany and the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom had in pursuant of this challenge designed two special kinds of work visas to attract foreign workers. These visas are […]

How to train your child in a UK school I All you need to know about the immigration requirements

Introduction For this reasons there are many foreigners whose children have studies or are currently studying in the United Kingdom. There are also so many more families who understands the benefits of UK education, and also have the resources, but are unware of how to go about the process. The benefits of studying in the […]

Prospective student of UK football academy retains the services Swift Solicitors

Prospective students desiring to a join football academy in the United Kingdom have approached Swift Solicitors Chambers for legal advice and management of the ensuing academic and career relationship. To this end, the Chambers services have been successfully retained by at least one these prospective students. We have also gone further to engage one the […]