“We have responded to client’s needs by creating a business intelligence unit. In addition to our in-house lawyers, the firm now has a team of credible investigators and relevant consultants across industries and sectors.”

The vast majority of problems that foreign companies could encounter when engaging in business transactions in Nigeria or with any Nigerian company are avoidable by carrying out some due diligence at the start of proceedings.

With our field experience and relevant contacts we successfully investigate claims made by and/or documents supplied by persons or companies in Nigeria. This will help you minimize risk in global business and investment. The risk for business fraud, investment scams and criminal activity is high, and you should not be complacent.

International transactions and foreign investment represents an increased risk level for fraud and scams, and misrepresentation of facts and figures. You can rely on Swift Solicitors to deliver risk mitigating investigations at a fair price.

Are you considering any business in Nigeria or already concluding one, before you take one more step it is advisable to double check the genuineness of every proposition you have being offered including documents. We will verify facts, screen for fraud and identify possible risks, both immediate and remote.

This involves discrete inquiries about Nigerian company or partner (corporate and/or individual) which gives the client information regarding the integrity and reputation of such partners and their top management staffs. Such inquiries are done in five strategic areas which includes the Nigerian partners.

The direction we pursue and the actual scope of our investigation will be determined by the nature of each client’s case. So, our investigation is customized to meet the needs of every client. You will get a free quote when you contact us.

For further enquiries or a free no obligations quote for any of our services, feel very to contact us