“Our Advocacy Group adequately provides full litigation services to our clients in commercial and civil ligations, as well as in criminal defence. We do this without sacrificing the benefits of arbitration.”

The Chambers has a standing reputation in civil/commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution within Nigeria and overseas.

Our team of highly experienced advocates and legal advisers can provide skilled and knowledgeable legal representation in civil, commercial and administrative cases, in lower courts, High Courts, Appeal courts and the Supreme Court.

These lawyers are also responsible for working out a litigation strategy with the clients, considering not only the final outcome but also the need to minimize costs, taking advantage of such remedies as interim injunctions and ancillary proceedings used to strengthen the client’s position in the main suit.

A group of qualified advocates and legal advisers provides effective and high quality representation in first instance proceedings. The firm has developed a way for dealing with strategically important and often complex cases by forming a team which uses specialist in specific areas of law and provides the necessary knowledge and support for lawyers conducting proceeding before the court. The firms experience in litigation concerning administrative matters should also be emphasized.

We are known for courtroom efficiency and multi-disciplinary approach to casework. Our lawyers are well renowned for excellent courtroom trial advocacy. We apply this advantage and expertise for the benefit of clients in each of our specialist commercial, criminal and civil areas.

We adequately provide full litigation services to our clients without sacrificing the benefits of arbitration.

Service Checklist:

  • Breach of Contract & Commercial Disputes
  • Employment Dispute
  • Pension Administration Disputes
  • Debt Recovery Disputes
  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes
  • Defamation, Libel & Slander
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Fundamental rights enforcement
  • Divorce, Will & Probate Disputes
  • Land & property dispute
  • Product liability & Consumer protection
  • Professional discipline, Duty of care, Negligence and Liability

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