SWIFT Solicitors Chambers is basically a public interest law firm, working for equal justice for all through the rule of law. Our human rights advocacy traverses all areas of our practice and activities as a law firm. We are selflessly committed to working for social and economic justice, both through the court room at various levels of court, as well as public policy debate and analysis through the media. Criminal Justice in Nigeria is one source of human rights violations that has done multiple harm to the citizenry. Our human rights advocacy practice seeks to end unlawful incarceration and strongly promote the equality of justice for all.

The Chambers fights to make the ideal of equal justice under law a reality, particularly for accused persons and suspects of crime. We work through our advocacy to mitigate the harshness of law enforcement officers and oppressions of the law and by law officers against marginalized communities and persons who are mostly the most vulnerable in a relationship, the less privileged and persons of unequal strength as their adversaries.

Through public interest and impact litigations, amicus curiae practice, public education, and policy advocacy; we are working to challenge the criminalization of poverty and end institutional practices that contribute to mass and unlawful incarceration. SWIFT Solicitors Chambers also seek to address government failure and neglect in the provision of security of lives and property, as well as basic infrastructures and amenities for the people, which is the very essence for the existence of government. We oppose discrimination in federal and state appointments, favouritism in the rationale for developmental projects, economic interventions and persisting inequality, neglect and almost complete lack of government presence in the affairs and lives of some citizens and regions who are most times discriminated against on the basis of tribes, sex and political inclinations.

The Chambers is a centre for human rights advocacy and protection in Nigeria and our commitment to it is without exception. Without exception in our desire for the protection of human rights, civil liberties and the rule of law, promote social and economic justice, our lawyers work tirelessly to get adequate compensations for victims of human rights violation in various forms, some which includes: .

  • Criminal Justice System
  • Police harassment, unlawful arrest and detention
  • Unlawful vehicle impoundment by government agencies such as LASMA, FRSC and related agencies
  • Government discrimination and neglect
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Consumer Rights Protection
  • Self Determination Protection
  • Employees Rights Protection
  • Economic Rights Protection

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