You can be sponsored to the UK to live and work by an overseas company as a sole representative. The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa category is for businesses that wish to send a senior employee to the UK in order to establish a commercial presence for the company in the UK.

The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa allows a senior employee of an overseas business to come to the UK to set up and run a UK branch or wholly-owned subsidiary of the overseas parent company.  Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) can be achieved after 5 years in the Representative of an Overseas Business visa category.


UK Visas & Immigrations have a set rules and requirements a Company Representative Visa applicant must meet before the visa is granted. These are as follows:

  • Is an active and trading overseas business;
  • Has its headquarters and principal place of business outside the United Kingdom;
  • Has no other active branch, subsidiary or representative in the UK;
  • Intends to establish a registered branch or wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK that will actively trade in the same business activity as the overseas business;
  • The overseas business will not be established or the sole representative appointed mainly for the purpose of facilitating the entry or stay of the sole representative; 
  • Intends to maintain the centre of its operations overseas.

You will also need to demonstrate that you:

  • Are a genuine Representative of an Overseas Business;
  • Are an existing senior employee of the overseas business;
  • Have been recruited and taken on as an employee of the overseas business outside of the UK;
  • Have the skills, experience and knowledge of the business necessary to undertake the role of sole representative of the overseas business in the UK;
  • Have full authority to negotiate and take operational decisions on behalf of the overseas business;
  • Intend to work full-time as a representative of the overseas business;
  • Do not intend to engage in business of your own or work for any other business; 
  • Do not have a majority stake in, or otherwise own or control, a majority of the overseas business, whether that ownership or control is by means of a shareholding, partnership agreement, sole proprietorship or any other arrangement;
  • Can show English language ability to at least CEFR Level A1 (speaking and listening);
  • Can show you can adequately maintain and accommodate yourself and your dependants in the UK, without recourse to public funds.


To be sure of what you really need for you’re a Human Rights application, you may need to seek professional advice from an immigration lawyer. In other to brighten your chances of success at first attempt, and reduce to chances of failure, it is advisable you speak with in an immigration lawyer in every situation.


We have expert immigration lawyers who are well versed in UK immigration and nationality matters. Our lawyers constantly monitor the usually complex UK Home office rules and policies for Company Representative Visa requirements and procedures. 

Our experienced immigration lawyers can assist our clients from all over the world for successful Company Representative Visa application.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and proactive in understanding and meeting our clients’ needs. We are a highly driven team, dedicated to providing clear and reliable immigration advice to our clients as part of a professional and friendly service.


Drafting of suitable business plans for Company Representative Visa applications

As part of your Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa application, it may be helpful to include a detailed business plan. We can assist you to identify a suitably qualified business plan writer, instruct the business plan writer on your behalf and then liaise with the business plan writer to ensure that your business plan satisfies the requirements of the Immigration Rules.

Extension of stay with Media Employee Visa

In order to extend your stay as a Sole Representative of an Overseas Business, you will need to show that your business:

  • Has its headquarters outside of the UK;
  • Still requires you to be in the UK;
  • Has generated business in the UK since the last grant of leave;

You will also need to show that:

  • You are employed full time by your business;
  • You are in receipt of a salary from your employer;
  • You do not intend to take other employment;
  • You can maintain and accommodate yourself and your dependents.

Settlement routes from Media Employee Visa

After spending a continuous period of 5 years in the UK as a Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa holder, you may be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

In addition to continuing to meet the requirements as set out above for an extension of stay, you will also need to show that:

  • You have sufficient knowledge of language and life in the UK;
  • You have spent a continuous period of five years in the UK;
  • You have not been absent from the UK for more than 180 days in any of the five years prior to the date of application.

Our expert immigration lawyers can help with this processes.

Reviews and Appeals

There are many reasons why your visa applications may be refused by the UK Visas and Immigrations, especially when you fail to seek expert advice before your first attempt. Sometimes, denial could be on technical ground or done in error by a consular officer.

If your application for entry clearance or leave to remain in any circumstances at all has been refused, our expert immigration lawyers can advise on the merits of making a fresh application or challenging the decision.

If your application was refused by the consular officer as a result of failure to correctly apply the UK Immigration Rules or Home Office policy, then our immigration experts can bring Administrative Review proceedings to challenge the decision to refuse your application.

Also, if the refusal of your application is adjudged by our experts as a decision reached unlawfully, unreasonably or procedurally improper, then our immigration experts can bring an application for Judicial Review. We will also brief our barristers to represent you at Judicial Review hearings.

Our lawyers are committed to your needs

Our immigration experts are available to serve your needs. You can use our online free consultation tool to get free initial assessment of your Media Employee Visa application or review. Where required, we can start working on the best solution for your matter right away.