The Adult Dependent Relative Visa category is for adult dependent relatives of British citizens in the UK, persons settled in the UK, persons with limited leave to remain in the UK under Appendix EU or persons in the UK with refugee leave or humanitarian protection status, who wish to settle here.


  • UK Visas & Immigrations have a set rules and requirements a Spouse Visa applicant must meet before the visa is granted. These are as follows:
  • You are the parent aged 18 years or over, grandparent, brother or sister aged 18 years or over or son or daughter aged 18 years or over of a person who is in the UK and that person is over 18 and either a British citizen, settled in the UK, has limited leave to remain in the UK under Appendix EU or is a person with refugee leave or humanitarian protection status;
  • As a result of age, illness or disability, you require long-term personal care (that is help performing everyday tasks, e.g. washing, dressing and cooking);
  • You are unable, even with the practical and financial help of your family member in the UK, to obtain the required level of care in the country where you are living because it is not available and there is no person (close relative, home-help, housekeeper, nurse, carer, care or nursing home) in your country who can reasonably provide it, or because it is not affordable;
  • You will be adequately maintained, accommodated and cared for in the UK by your family member, without recourse to public funds (if your family member is a British citizen or settled in the UK, they will be required to sign a 5-year undertaking to this effect).


To be sure of what you really need for your Adult Dependent Relative Visa application, you may need to seek professional advice from an immigration lawyer. In other to brighten your chances of success at first attempt, and reduce to chances of need for review/appeal, it is advisable you speak with in an immigration lawyer before you apply.


We have expert immigration lawyers who are well versed in UK immigration and nationality matters. Our lawyers constantly monitor the usually complex UK Home office rules and policies for Adult Dependent Relative Visa requirements and procedures. 

Our experienced immigration lawyers regularly assist Nigerian clients alongside clients from all over the world for successful Adult Dependent Relative Visa application. We also assist with extension of such visa once the adult relative is already in the UK.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and proactive in understanding and meeting our clients’ needs. We are a highly driven team, dedicated to providing clear and reliable immigration advice to couples as part of a professional and friendly service.


Extension of stay with Adult Dependent Relative Visa

Having arrived the UK as an adult relative of a qualifying UK resident, you may need to extend your stay after the expiration of your entry visa. Before your initial grant of leave as an adult relative, you will need to apply to UK Visas and Immigration to extend your stay.

You will need to make sure that your application for extension satisfies the relationship, financial, accommodation and immigration status requirements again. We can assist with this extension once you are already in the UK. The exact requirements for such extension will vary depending on your circumstances.

Reviews and Appeals

There are many reasons why your visa applications may be refused by the UK Visas and Immigrations, especially when you fail to seek expert advice before your first attempt. Sometimes, denial could be on technical ground or done in error by a consular officer.

If your application for entry clearance or leave to remain in any circumstances at all has been refused, our expert immigration lawyers can advise on the merits of making a fresh application or challenging the decision.

If your application was refused by the consular officer as a result of failure to correctly apply the UK Immigration Rules or Home Office policy, then our immigration experts can bring Administrative Review proceedings to challenge the decision to refuse your application.

Also, if the refusal of your application is adjudged by our experts as a decision reached unlawfully, unreasonably or procedurally improper, then our immigration experts can bring an application for Judicial Review. We will also brief our barristers to represent you at Judicial Review hearings.

Our lawyers are committed to your needs

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